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Helps With Physical Mental Emotional Issues

What is Pranic Healing?

How Can Pranic Healing Help You?

Pranic Healing utilises prana, the vital life force present in every living thing. Pranic healers believe that for optimum physical health, prana should flow freely throughout the body without obstruction or stagnation.


Blockages in pranic flow lead to disease and may manifest as either mental or physical disorders. Physical energy blockages can cause lethargy, lack of appetite, low libido, impotence etc. Mental blockage patterns often result in anxiety attacks, depression etc., which are expressions of bio-energetic repression.


Pranic Healing is based on the belief that pranic blockages are caused by physical, emotional or mental stress. Prana can be drawn from pranic healers by placing their palms above the affected part of the patient's body for a few minutes. After being drawn out, prana is used to either cleanse and strengthen organs or to infuse mental clarity into areas of pain or confusion.

The prana is then returned through the healer's hands, often after being passed through the healer's own energy field in order to give it greater power before returning it to the patient. Finally prana may be converted into spiritual energy which will continue its work on higher levels. Through these processes pranic healers believe they release negative emotions while also charging the body with prana.

To book an appointment for a Pranic Healing treatment in clinic, via zoom, remotely or as a hospital visit, contact:

​​Tel: 077177 25958

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