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Farming on Land

Farmers are people who work on the land as their trade or occupation. Farming on land is a way of life and farming is farming's sole purpose.

A Farmer!
A Farmer!

Farming has been around for ages. Ever since the first farming family began farming, society has slowly developed over time to what it is today. Due to farming being a significant part of a country's history, farming is often taught in schools.

In modern farming, farming on land has been adapted to farming off the land, farming underwater, and farming in space. In farming off the land, farmers grow plants above ground rather than underground. In farming underwater, farmers grow plants in water rather than soil.

Farming is important because it provides food for people to eat. If there was no farming on land then there would be no way of getting any food which means that everyone who eats anything would starve and die. Farming on land allows people to get food without fear of dying from starvation (although farming can be dangerous to see farming accidents). Pranic Healing can be tried on farming Land to try and help with growth, find out more.


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