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What is the Difference between Science and Health

Science and health are two words that often cause confusion. Let's break them down one by one to determine what the difference is. Science has a very broad definition, which includes any pursuit of knowledge involving systematic observation, measurement, and experiment. Health also falls under this broad category as it is related to physical or mental well-being. What sets these two apart from each other is that science can be observed as a process while health cannot be observed as a process because it relies on how we feel about ourselves rather than facts about our bodies or lives.

When it comes to science, there are many subfields that one can specialise in such as chemistry, biology, and physics. Health is not as specific because it is more about an overall sense of well-being. Someone who specializes in science might know a lot about the human body, but someone who specializes in health might know how to keep their own body healthy and how to help others do the same. Science is based on evidence while health relies on personal beliefs and opinions. This doesn't mean that science is always right and health is always wrong, but simply that they both have different foundations.

Science is all about understanding how things work while health is more about making sure we feel good mentally and physically. What is the difference between Science and Spirituality? Explore MCKS Pranic Healing.


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