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'The Pranic Healing Works'

A Gateway to a Better Health - are you suffering? Torn Tendons, Aches, Pains, IBS, Food Allergies, Colitis - Inflammatory Bowel Disease, COPD, Lung Infection, Eyesight, Hearing, Tiredness, Multiple Sclerosis, ME, Heart Problems, Anxiety, Stress, Depression, Obsession, Disorders, Trauma, Aneurysm (Brain), Coeliac Disease, Erythromelalgia, Hypothyroidism, Osteoporosis, etc?

Visit the private Pranic Healing practice at the The Practice Rooms Queen Square, 55 Queen Square, Bristol BS1 4LH
- or try remote healing?


Appointments can be made with Saleem Ullah calling 07717725958,

Are you suffering from Physical, Mental or Emotional problems with Family or within Yourself?

Treatments are available that can help with this.

It is called Pranic Healing.

With Pranic Healing treatments, your body and mind can feel free and clear of all worries and stress that life places upon us.

Pranic Healing Therapy can help with Physical, Mental & Emotional Problems

Purpose is to Alleviate Peoples Suffering by Complementing Allopathic Medicine with Pranic Energy Healing for Children & Adults.

Coping with Grief with help of Pranic Healing

Offering Home Visits and Hospital Visits for Adults and Children in Bristol, Surrounding Areas and South Wales. 


Or visit the Clinic in Queens Square, Bristol.

Pranic Healing Therapy can be treated distantly where Client and Therapist does not need to be face-to-face.

How Can Pranic Healing Help You?

Pranic Healing is a system of pranic energy healing which uses prana to heal the mind, body, and spirit. The word prana is derived from Sanskrit meaning "life force" or vital energy.

Pranic energy itself does not have any properties of its own other than being an intangible form of energy that flows through the pranic healing practitioner. This prana is said to flow in currents through pathways called nadis, of which there are some 72,000 (365 times 72) simulating the nervous system and circulation of blood within the body. prana can be absorbed or depleted by physical activities such as running, jumping, etc., but can also be replenished with pranayama (breathing exercises) and meditation. prana has a strong, yet the subtle connection to thoughts, emotions, health conditions, or circumstances in our lives.

When prana becomes blocked within the body it can cause physical pain or disease. Pranic Healing aims to restore balance in the pranic energy through techniques such as pranayama, meditations, chanting of prana-filled sounds, and the laying on of prana-infused hands.

Pranic Healing methods remove blockages that obstruct the flow of Prana throughout our being thereby increasing life energy supplies on all levels by awakening Pranas' built-in intelligence whereby they seek out imbalanced areas, locate diseased tissue cells or bacteria, break them down and flush them away through your lymphatic system (if it is working well). Prana has a vigorous cleansing action, removing toxins and restoring normal function to organs (liver, lungs, kidneys, etc.) Prana recharges our immune system making us more resistant to disease.

Prana is constantly flowing through your body. Pranic Healing methods move Prana to blocked areas thereby unblocking the flow of Prana which stimulates our immune system to heal. Pranic Healing can be done by self-healing, on others, or both simultaneously through distance healing.

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