• Sinbad

Learning In School

Wouldn't it be great if every child said my school is such a relaxing place. I love it here! Everyone is so friendly and the classes are awesome. I always look forward to school in the morning, especially when we get an early start date at school. It just makes me feel like we'll have a great day ahead of us and that's how I feel every school morning.

Loving School.
Loving School.

Then carried on with saying I love school so much because I know that school is where I can experience new things, meet new people and have life lessons that will be with me forever. When I was little, the school wasn't as fun as it is now because back then school was just a place to hang out with friends but now school is an actual learning place too. This school year has been great so far and I am looking forward to the school year ahead of us. There are some changes that we might be getting at schools such as new school supplies, a new grading system, and more classrooms.

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