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Meditation in Bristol Corporate Engineering Workplace

Started with a couple of conversions with some colleagues, starting with some breathing exercises around their desk. Over the days and weeks it was noticed that it started making a difference to their thinking, their thought process and their work, one college said, "they feel good, amazing can't wait for next breathing exercise session".

They decided to book a meeting room at lunchtimes as more colleague got involved, and because all were enjoying the experience of the breathing exercises so much a mediation was introduced.

Meditation Can Lead to Office Workers Shaking Hands.
Meditation Can Lead to Office Workers Shaking Hands.

Three years on and looking back it is amazing to see how all their lives have changed in their decisions process and task allocation. They all seem so much more at easy at the corporate engineering company with 1000 plus employees in Bristol, UK, where they work.

Meditation (Twin Hearts Meditation) has many benefits as they found, it is worth a try out to help in your workplace, relationships, health, finance and personal development.

In addition to Twin Hearts Meditation the Pranic Healing (complementary healthcare) techniques has also helped many with stress, anxiety, depression, fear, physical aches and pains and much much more.

More information can be found at the Institute of Pranic Healing UK & Ireland,


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