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Berkshire Healthy Children

Two young ladies in the Berkshire area are taking relaxation for children to the next level, with their complementary relaxation programme.

Healthy Minds Children Testimonial.
Healthy Minds Children Testimonial.

They found children were missing some key support in their emotional development, so Lisa Willis and Romi Mandozzi put their heads together using their years of experience working with children and came up with Healthy Minds, a bespoke package covering practical activities, breathing techniques, movement to music and a short guided meditation .

They have been working with Primary & Secondary schools with some amazing feedback. "I'm a bit happier”, said an 11 year old male in year 6, “because I have amazing friends and you really helped, because I can feel normal again. I'm more confident about being myself”.  

A 16 year old female in year 11 said, "gives us some much needed time for reflection and a good place to relate with our personal problems, to boost our mental health".

Romi and Lisa say "we are delighted with the progress children are making and look forward to delivering each session. It is amazing we are now reaching and supporting even more children, young people, families and schools during our online sessions and look forward to what the future holds".

Healthy Minds have partnered up with school sports network teams in Berkshire and other schools across the UK, which is really helping to get their message across to the children.

Information about our online and in school relaxation sessions and well-being programmes can be found at:


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