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Horse Releasing Stress Energies with a Set of Hand Movements

How Pranic Healing treatments are relieving stress energies from a Horse.

Stress Fading From View.
Stress Fading From View.

Josie was feeling stressed whenever her rider sat on her, as time went on Josie stopped allowing her rider ride her. The rider researched options and came across Pranic Healing a non-touch complementary healthcare therapy.

Treatments started straightaway, after the first treatment the following day rider reported how relaxed Josie was, “she is very calm today, thank you”. Weekly treatments continued with the rider reporting, “she was fine”, this was showing signs of great progress.

With Pranic Healing the relationship between the rider and horse has been re-strengthened, being a joint-partnership harmonising their relationships.

Pranic Healing was founded by Master Choa Kok Sui which can be applied not just to humans but also to animals, cats, dogs and even Agricultural Land. Pranic Healing can be applied distantly where the healer does not need to be in the same space as subject.


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